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Cleansing Iowa State?

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"Cleansing" implies the guys leaving were dirty or garbage, which is hardly the case.  The personalities/philosophies didn't mesh.  Good luck to all involved and everyone move on.


A definition of cleansing:


rid (a person, place, or thing) of something seen as unpleasant, unwanted, or defiling.


I am sure if Dresser is giving them their release, they are unwanted. No disrespect to the student athletes but Dresser was brought in because the previous regime and the holdovers did not get the job according to that school's expectations.


I hope these kids do well wherever they end up but it is obvious that all of these wrestlers leaving frees up money for Dresser to bring in his own guys.

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Big  Dresser fan here.  I strongly believe  this needed to happen for ISU to be successful. Kevin Jackson saw the program hit a steep decline despite decent recruits.     Sometimes it's the culture that stands in the way of success.    Dresser is going to do things his way and I see success for him not far off into the future.  It has to be his way 100%.   I believe this is the right thing for the program. 

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