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Big 10 Championship Pick Em'

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Pick your Big 10 Champs and comment below. If you win I'll send you something. It'll be open to non forum members as well.

I'll start

125: Nato

133: Micic 

141: N. Lee

149: Retherford

157: Kemdawg

165: Imar

174: Hall

184: Nickal

197: Moore

285: Snyder

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25: Lee

33: Micic

41: Lee

49: zain

57: Kem

65: marinelli has not given me a reason to pick against him yet (also, homer pick)

74: Hall

84: Myles at B1Gs, Bo at NCAAs

97: gotta give it to shakur

Hvy: Snyder


So that’s PSU with 4 champs, Iowa with 3, tOSU with 2 and Michigan 1.


I have tOSU with 6 finalists, PSU with 5, Iowa with 4


Should be a great tournament. I still think PSU takes it.


This is without nolf btw

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125 Carson Kuhn - Penn State

133 Logan Griffen - MMichigan State

141 Alec McKenna - Northwestern

149 AJ Raya - Indiana

157 Jake Danishek - Indiana

165 Austin Hiles - Michigan State

174 David Riojas - Illinois

184 Niko Cappello - Maryland

197 Jake Kleimola - Indiana

285 Ben Stone - Wisconsin

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125: Spencer Lee, Iowa (would be great to see NaTo win his 4th here, but it might be better to see Lee start his run to 4 instead)

133: Stevan Micic, Michigan

141: Nick Lee, Penn State

149: Zain Retherford, Penn State

157: Jason Nolf, Penn State (I think he wrestles)

165: Isaiah Martinez, Illinois (I don't think he wins NCAA's but he runs through B1Gs here for his 4th)

174: Mark Hall, Penn State

184: Bo Nickal, Penn State

197: Kollin Moore, Ohio State (Sugar wins this match at NCAA's)

285: Adam Coon, Michigan



Can see 165 going to any of Cenzo, Imar, Marinelli, Lewis, or a rehabbed Massa. That'll be the fun weight to watch. 125 is less interesting atm with whatever's ailing Suriano, and there isn't much parity at the other weights past the top 2 or 3.


Will be a fun tournament, as always! 

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