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How many NCAAs have you attended

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Been to several ones. First NCAA championship that I ever saw was on tv while I was living in Houston maybe in 1978 or 1979. I cannot remember. However, I finally got to attend the NCAA championship with my HS teammates in 1987. Tickets were cheap back then so we were able to watch it on HS expenses. Good times. We saw the end of Iowa “X” run. Dan Gable was walking around burning the path hard. He get so emotional and intense. He would breath hard and it was before championship! We also saw the John Smith dominance. He was lightning quick with a big tank.


Oh yeah. We also witness the headgear throw by Jim Heffernen (Iowa, now Illinois HC) after his upset loss to Tim Krieger (Iowa St) It was a big impact tourney that time. Royce Alger (Iowa) dominance of Kevin Jackson (ISU); Rico Chiapperilli (Iowa) upset win over unbeaten huge Darryl Pope of Cal-Bakersfield. Kelly(ISU) spladle pin of Brad Penrith (Iowa); Ricky Bonomo’s third NCAA championship. Wow. That was lot of headlines that time. Over time, I attend several NCAA championships. I attended Cael Sanderson’s fourth NCAA championship in Albany, NY. Oh yeah. I also attended Pat Smith’s fourth NCAA championship in UNC arena. I attended the first championship of Logan Stieber. Good time. Nowadays, I watch all mats on ESPN3 with my friends. Alas, they live far and with eh money. So we get together to watch NCAA on three monitors. We will do it again this weekend.

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Our run of 15 straight ends this year, with ticket prices more than doubling.  What's up with that?



From when to when? Boxes have jumped over the last few years. I thought the last real ticket increase was a few years ago (other than from 2006-2007 for me when it went up from $0.)

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