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Favorite Wrestler(s) Not On Your Team

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This is the happiest sports weekend of the year and while it's easy to get wrapped up in your team you must have some guys you like on other teams.  Who will you secretly be rooting for?


For me it's:


1. DeSanto (I feel like he's going to come up a lot here)

2. Thomas Haines

3. Marsteller

4. Dean Heil (just kidding!)

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I count tOSU and NC State as "my" teams. So, other than them...


Spencer Lee

Seth Gross

Jason Nolf


Probably my 3 favorite outsiders, but I really enjoy watching a ton of the guys in the game currently. 

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I find Joseph very fun to watch. All of PSU's hammers are great fun to watch, for that matter.  I'm a big fan of young, talented guys too. Lee, Yianni, DeSanto.


Personality wise: I like most wrestlers by default. Wrestlers all got a little of the devil in them.

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I don't have have "a team", and I'm bored because I planned the morning around the tournament, thinking it started at 10:00.  So here's who I would like to see win each weight (not who I think will win, but I put an * next to those I do)


125- Suriano.  Just has gotten a lot of hate lately, for some reason that in of itself has him rising up my favorites list

*133-Gross.  Just a great comeback story.  We all screw up.  He owned it, made adjustments, found a home and has excelled.  Really wanted to see the "full circle" victory in the finals last year.  Bumping up for Meredith only enhanced my likeness.

141- Heil:  Just because he's the two time defending champ, got a lot of hate, and basically nobody (except maybe Bader) is picking to win

149- Sorensen.  See Mark Perry

*157- Nolf  Just as a comeback from injury

165- Massa.  Had a good conversation with him back when I was coaching at Fargo.  Just like the kid

*174- Valencia.  Same as Massa,  Talked with him at Fargo, then Anthony at the OTC one time.  Just like those kids. And I think he was the best at 174 last year.  But the best don't always win

184-Martin.  Because Nickel has pretty much dominated him this year, would just be cool to see him put it together one more time

197- Rasheed.  With all the mystery about who was going to get the slot.  Cessar beating Moore.  Would just be a nice stamp for the kid.

285- Between the two favorites, Hard for me to say who I would like to win more here.  Both real good people, good to talk to, great athletes.  This is one where I would like to see someone come through and shock the world, but hard to root against either of these guys.

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