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Pitt Athletic Department woes

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At least eight players on Pitt's basketball team are seeking to transfer to other schools after their athletic director (Heather Lyke) fired their basketball coach.  This is the same AD Lyke also was criticized last year in her failure to land several candidates for the vacancy of their wrestling head coach.


What a mess.

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Is she on her way out also? What do the alums/donors and administration think?

Shes only been there for a little more than a year. She really mucked-up the wrestling coach search last year. We had tOSU ties and supposedly thought she could attract Lou Rosselli.



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Pitt has really mismanaged their basketball program and it is really costing them.


Their fan base was annoyed that they weren't getting far enough in the NCAA tournament each year so they lowered the buyout on their coaches contract and basically made him feel like he was on the way out and not appreciated after taking Pitt to the NCAA tournament 11 out of 13 years including two Sweet 16s and one Elite 8.


So the coach accepted a job at TCU, a program that had finished last place in the Big 12 three of the last four years.


Pitt hires a new coach from Vanderbilt who wasn't setting the world on fire there.


Two years later: Pitt loses their last 19 games and they fire their head coach while owing $9MM on his contract that they have to pay him.


TCU on the other hand: TCU is a 6 seed in the NCAA tournament after being ranked as high as 10th in the country. A complete turn around of their program which had historically struggled.

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Gavin was a good hire, he seems to be doing a fine job so far.


Gavin is a piece of work!


I mean where do I start?  First of all, he has a weird type of anti social personality...dude is just strange.


This coach keep guys that have several failed drug test in the line up and chooses to keep them in over clean guys on the team that destroy that guy in practice and own wins in every wrestle off between the two. I just cant figure it out.  I had high hopes for him just like everyone else but hes not head coach ready. 


I can name names if I have to.  You would think this coach would respect wrestlers that came out of high school not highly recruited and worked their way up. smh

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