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It seems a lot of you dislike DeSanto, but don't let that overshadow...

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Can't he just be a sore loser? Why bring mental illness into the equation unless you're certain he's been previously diagnosed.

In the same way can’t most people with slight mental conditions express their displeasure with an outcome without taking it to the level of trying to hurt others, or themselves for that matter. Edited by MadMardigain

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Autistic (Asberger scale) kids are very smart and can do academics if somebody can get them focused.

That’s a broad, and inaccurate generalization.

The effects of being on the spectrum manifest differently for those that have the condition.

In some cases, you may hardly notice any signs of the syndrome and people can function fairly well with it.

Others with more severe cases have little to no chance of ever being capable of even caring for themselves.

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