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Favorite pictures from the 2018 NCAA Wrestling Tournament

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Looks to me that his right shoulder is off the mat. Should’ve used a better photo if you were trying to make a point. It was back points though and I’m pretty sure Martin got 2swipes

Pins are not only based on the shoulder. The scapulae being in contact w the mat justify a pin being called.


2.13 Fall

Any part of both shoulders or part of both scapulae (For pinning area, see Illustration No. 2.) of either wrestler held in contact with the mat for one second constitutes a fall. The one-second count (one-thousand-one) shall be a silent count by the referee and shall start only after the referee is in position to observe that a fall is imminent, after which the shoulders or scapulae area must be held in continuous contact with the mat for one second before a fall is awarded.



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