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Chris Bono named Wisconsin wrestling head coach

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Great hire IMO.  Looking at recruits... Wisconsin has incoming:


141/149 - Jeremy Schoenherr (#76 per Flo)

174 - Tyler Dow (#61 per Flo)

184 - Jared Kattinger (#60 per Flo)


SDSU has:


149 - Alex Lloyd (#42 per Flo)

165 - Peyton Robb (#47 per Flo)


Not rooting for it for SDSU's sake, but if those guys flip it makes a nice class to jumpstart Wiscy's rebuild, plus they have 3 more years of Evan Wick. 

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Seems like a good hire for Wisconsin. Hopefully SDSU will get a good replacement. College wrestling is better when such programs are successful.

I expect they will. The administration is supportive and It has to look interesting for up and coming coaches.


You have a few AAs returning including a champ, a solid recruiting class coming in and a large fan base.


If whoever comes in delivers, it will take their career to the next level. Not to mention, coaching a team like that is fun.


Wish Askren was willing to move. I think he could really help out Gross as he transitions to freestyle. He also had the right style for a program that won’t get a ton of 10 recruits. Askren’s style doesn’t rely on freak athleticism. He can get top 50ish guys on the podium I think though.


I have no idea who SDSU will go with. I doubt a guy like Hahn would be interested. Maybe one of the assistants from tOSU?

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Hate to sound like the armchair QB, but first thing I would do is team up with Askren to run a newly formed RTC. Seems like you're not going to be able to be consistently competitive without having that. And Askren is better fit for club situation than working under college administration, in my opinion. He'll have some recruiting spice.

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