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Zeke Moisey was just granted a release. With that in mind, I'd like to start a list of all guys who are available. I know there are a ton more than these so please reply with names and their choices when they eventually sign somewhere and I'll try to continuously edit the original list.


Ethan Andersen - Iowa State

Connor Brown - Wisconsin

Christian Colucci - Rutgers

Lorenzo De La Riva - NDSU

Austin DeSanto - Iowa

Patrick Duggan - Shippensburg

Dakota Geer - Oklahoma State

Fred Green - Oregon State

Joey Gunther - Illinois

Gary Wayne Harding - North Carolina

Alex Madrigal - George Mason

Willie Miklus - Iowa State

Billy Miller - VA Tech

Zeke Moisey - Nebraska

Keegan Moore - No. Iowa

Tristan Moran - Wisconsin

Korbin Myers - VA Tech

Cole Nye - Pitt

Justin Oliver - NC State

Sa'Derian Perry - Old Dominion

Jason Renteria - Iowa

Sean Russell - Minnesota

Connor Schram - Lehigh

Devin Skatzka - Minnesota

Tom Sleigh - VA Tech

Mason Smith - Arizona State

Tanner Smith - Chattanooga

Kanen Storr - Michigan

Demetrius Thomas - Pitt

Anthony Tutolo - Michigan State


Andrew Dunn - 

Hunter Ritter - 

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FRL said Sean Russel of Edinboro is leaving but his release status may be in limbo because of a lack of AD - is it confirmed that he has one?

Releases are automatically granted if a request is sent to a school and the school fails to respond. There is no pocket veto.

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Heard Lorenzo De La Riva is being granted a release and will transfer to NDSU, but I haven't seen an announcement yet so not sure. Great grab for NDSU if true. Would be nice to see him stay out West though.

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Makes sense as a stop-gap for OSU at 125 next year while Heinselman redshirts. Makes sense at PSU too... 


 Makes sense to consider Mizzou too.  Moisey would give them 6 guys who could start the season ranked in the top 5 at their weights.

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I hope Moisey makes a top 4 finish again. The finals will be a difficult challenge at 125 and I am not sure if 133 is too big a jump for him.


He said at NCAAs he is a career 125 - He was very quick to say it as well, so I'd be shocked if he moved up. 


Obviously I'd love to have him in columbus, but Im hopeful whervever he lands they get the most out of him. Im a fan.

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