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PDIII training situation

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He is training with Tucker Stone and reading a biography of Dan Gable while also looking for Jonathan Livingston Seagull who he thinks taught Steven Segal.


He will unleash the mighty power of Iowa Grad School Wrestling dropout technique on the tournament and the world of Wrestling will never be the same again.

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Does he train with Hawkeye Wrestling Club as a paid athlete or is he on his own and will be wearing his BAMF singlet this weekend?



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He may be sparring with the voices in his head, but I heard he is a helluva football player.  The whole NFL may regret not drafting him.  

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Not that his dad will be able to find this thread, but I think this weekend is the end of an era


No longer relevant


1a flake of snow, especially a feathery ice crystal, typically displaying delicate sixfold symmetry.
2a white-flowered Eurasian plant related to and resembling the snowdrop, typically blooming in the summer or autumn.
3a poster on themat.com hating on the BAMF, he just didn't have any matches this year to get ready for the US Open.


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