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61kg Finals Scoring

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I'm not planning on doing more of these, but this one seemed worth exploring along with the previous one for 65kg. Overall, I thought the officiating was pretty good in this match. There were a few questionable calls, but I don't think they made a huge difference in the outcome. 



Pretty clear 4 and 2 here. It gets interesting in the next one.



I though Garrett did enough to make this 2 and 2, but the officials disagreed. It's a close call, and they know the rules better than me.



Garrett steps around and initiates the throw while Colon tries to rethrow him. Garrett definitely starts the move and is rewarded with 4 for the feet to back move. Colon challenged this call for some reason and it backfired, turning 2 blue into 4. The Flo guys were trying to claim Colon wasn't exposed, but they are wrong.



Garrett should have done a better job finishing this takedown. Credit to Colon, but Garrett should have recognized the position and pulled his left arm back and and made this a single leg. He was going for the big move, which I get, but he picked tenacity over technique and paid for it here.



the whistle blew about where this clip switches to black and white. The only real argument is whether the ref should have blown the whistle. I think he saw Garrett step out, then hop, and then there was a pause which was enough for him to decide it wasn't continuation. Hard to look back and judge, as Garrett would surely have kept fighting if the whistle hadn't been blown, but he stops when it does.



They got this sequence right after a review. I have it 2 red, 2 blue, 2 red, 2 red, which I think is what they ended up with. After the first chest lock, Garrett is able to change the direction/momentum enough so that you can say he forced Colon to his back. Then Colon turned him two more times.



This could have been no points. Colon gives Garrett a straight arm shove that usually isn't supposed to score on a step out. However, there's more going on then a simple step out, so I think it's up for interpretation.

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Great clips.  The analysis of the scoring is interesting, but to me, the main takeaway is that it seems like the vast majority of the time, trying to put Colon on his back ends badly.  Seems like outside single legs are a better path to beating him.

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Fantastic job IronChef, please keep it up!  I think most of this board is more knowledgeable in folkstyle and these breakdowns gets us more familiar with the various rules and ways to expose that we're not used to. 


So in that first exchange, the fact that Colon went to his knees then his back doesn't matter, still feet to back?  Because it was all part of the same move? 

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