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Clear Pan Am pecking order...US/Cuba, Colombia/Venezuela, Canada...everyone else

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I was just looking through the Pan Am results and noticing how clearly defined the pecking order has become--even more so than in the past:


Tier 1: United States & Cuba: 3-3 record against each other, 45-0 record against all others


Tier 2: Colombia & Venezuela: 0-12 vs. first Tier, 1-1 vs. each other, 13-0 against all others


Canada: 0-11 vs. Tiers 1&2, 13-4 vs. all others


Others' records vs. non-Tier 1&2:

Puerto Rico: 4-2

Argentina: 4-2

Mexico: 7-4

Dominican Republic: 5-4

Peru: 5-10

Ecuador: 3-3

Brazil: 2-5

El Salvador: 2-3

Chile: 1-1

Guatemala: 0-5

Haiti: 0-1

Paraguay: 0-1






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They really seem to be on a downswing - hopefully this isn't an ignorant/offensive statement but it seems like almost all the Canadian men's FS success has been with transfers from other countries.  Have they tightened their transfer process or is Canada no longer a big destination for FS wrestlers like it used to be?

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Going back to the 2012 Olympic cycle, Canada qualifies 5 of 7 weights--all by way of the Pan Am qualifying event. Haislan Garcia qualifies without facing any "Tier 1" or "Tier 2" nations, but the other 4 get a win each against either Cuba, Venezuela (twice), or Colombia. Tremblay and Bhullar were generally Canada products from that group, while Garcia (Cuba), Gentry (US), and Pliev (Russia) were imports.


Fast forward to the 2016 cycle and they only qualify 1 of 6 in the Pan Am qualifier, with home-grown Korey Jarvis picking up a win over Vivenes of Venezuela. Garcia later qualifies at the last-gasp world qualifier. 


Assuming Garcia is done, I'm not sure any Canadian but Jarvis would have a shot at qualifying for the Olympics if the process began today.

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I always liked watching Canada. Hopefully they turn it around before the Olympics.


Jarvis is solid but I feel like he has been around forever. They also have Dhesi right behind him, so even with an injury I think they qualify the weight.

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