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61 WTT Discussion

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One thing I think is interesting is the idea that there's been a ton of change from the past at 61kg.  I think the change is just the Colon jumped a level and has beaten all comers so far this year.  But other than that, really not too much has changed.  The top 4 seeds at WTT should be Garrett, Megaludis, Graff, and Wright.  Last year at WTT, they were all top 4 seeds at their weight (Graff #1 at 57, Garrett #2 at 57, Mega #4 at 57, Wright #2 at 61).  Then the #5 seed should be Gross, who was #7 at 61, but I don't think anyone's surprised that he has continued to improve. Morrison is now competitive with that group too and Little pulled off an upset of Brewer at the Open, so perhaps he has another one in him.  But really, it is still the same group of core contenders who are all pretty even and we will probably see some great matches and likely an upset or two along the way.

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