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Wayne Branstetter retires after 45 year legendary career!!!

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I've only met this man once!!!  But WOW!!!! I sat in on what they call the "wall talk", and let me tell you.  This guy made me (72 years old) want to put my shoes on and go win a state championship for him.  


I've been around some of the best, been coached by some of the best, and have seen some of the best in and around Central PA. 


This guy is the real deal.  He would fit right in over in our neck of the woods!! Much respect to one of my top 5 coaches I have ever been around (including Dan Gable and Cael Sanderson).


He's built something at Poway High School (public school btw) that is remarkable, and I'm not talking about their multi-million dollar facility.


Much respect to this coach, he is everything that wrestling was meant to be!!!!!!





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