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Team Kong Does it again

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"And that guy "who can't coach" had two of his own HS kids on the team and they combined to go something like 19-1....And one of them is a 4x State Champion/3x Super 32 Champion and ranked top-5 in the country.  So he must be doing something right.'


Then why can't he put together a true team full of local kids?



It's a fair question and I am glad we are able to discuss it like adults (sorry for the a-hole comment).  


I can tell you that when Kong first started, it was an entirely local team and did fairly well (runners-up at Disney in 2013, 3rd in 2014).


Even the team that lost to YG Black in 2015 at NHSCA was majority LI, with a few scattered NYers.


It's really only been the last three years that the roster has begun to shift towards more of a nationally recruited all-star team.


To answer you question to the best of my ability, I think it is either lack of interest or lack of availability.....The NY school year notoriously runs very late, which is why we always struggle to field teams for USAW. Cadet and Junior duals 

The talent is there to have a decent (maybe not title winning) team that would hold their own.  


If all of the top kids were available, my guess is that the line-up would resemble this:


106: 2x State runner-up/Cadet FS All-American Jordan Titus....Was a back-up on this year's team

113: 3x State Champion/former Super 32 runner-up, Greg Diakomihalis

120: Same as before----Redding

126: Same as before----Busiello

132: Same as before----Sciotto

138: Same as before--- Vines

145: 2018 State runner-up, Anthony Sobotker

152: 5x NYS Champion/Cadet World Bronze medalist, Jacori Teemer

160: 3x NYS finalist/2018 Champion, Jake Silverstein

170: Same----Cuomo

182: 2018 State Champion/Cadet FS runner-up, Jacob Logan

195: 2018 State Champion/NHSCA Senior National Champion, Jonathan Loew

220: 2018 State Champion/Beast of the East 5th (or 6th), Elijah Rodriguez

285: Same----Wilson.


With the exception of Diakomihalis, that is an entirely downstate team with 11 coming from Long Island.

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Could care less if they win or if they lose but they are not a club unless they own private jets and helicopters to get them to practices in a timely manner.


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Nick is his agent/public relations representative.   I believe he fills the same role for Helen Maroulis.

Guy is a stud coach.  i think he has a kid or two that don;t live in his district that have moved to his team to be coached by him.  one is penn state recruit.


probably the best coach on long island which is a historically strong area

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