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Article about Snyder-Sadulaev match

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#121 Lurker


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Posted 17 June 2018 - 06:29 AM

I hear what you’re saying Denger, however I wasn’t talking about the author so much but comments I’ve read here now and previously elsewhere about the same.

#122 denger


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Posted 17 June 2018 - 06:46 AM

Ah. Yeah, my only criticism is that he acts his age. So he's human after all.

I can't really imagine having his courage and talent, but if I did, I doubt that I could handle myself any better than he does. 

#123 Alyosha


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Posted Yesterday, 08:29 AM

I think he's presenting the whole thing as a description and passive critique of the American working-class while comparing that class to its international counterparts. If an audience of wrestling fans is considered at all, he must know that this implied content will irritate us, and I think this is his secondary intention.


I didn't read it as critique of the American working class, but as a critique of American foreign policy more broadly. He became more sympathetic to Sadulaev when he started to analogize between the brute strength and bravado of Snyder and the strength and bravado of America as a world actor, particularly under the present administration (his anxiety about which had led him to return to wrestling as a fan in the first place). I think the author has a genuine sympathy for the american working class, but recognizes that even working class Americans still enjoy a substantially privileged place in the world compared with the Mongolians, Georgians, Dagestanis, and others who make up the heart of the international wrestling community.

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#124 wfan24


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Posted Yesterday, 09:35 AM

This is hilarious here: 


At 1:36 Tedeev slaps Sadulaev hard who looks annoyed and steps back.


NJWC, well, to be honest with top wrestlers like Snyder and Sad, they do want to win any match, including beat the streets. I don't think they wrestle any less hard there than at the worlds or trials. They are just competitors. To give up 8 points in a match, that is a lot. At any rate, this time around I think its the real match: Sad had time to adapt to weight class, so weight can't be an excuse, he is not getting married a 2nd time :), both sides know what to expect.


IMO, like with all top competitions, 1st match can go in any way, as it can be due to surprise, tactics, etc. This also happens in many games: they play few games (best of 3, best of 5 ,best of 7, etc) to see how it turns out. IMO, it will be clear who is better after they have 4-5 matches. If Sad beats Snyder and I think he will, I don't think he can say he is better still. They need to wrestle 4-5 times to see that.

#125 GockeS


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Posted Yesterday, 01:59 PM

lol. current administration.

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