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Brainstorm how fans can continue to support wrestling

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that is the key...


kids are kids... who has been telling them this stuff since they were in diapers means little to them as per...


now we have actual live video to back up our adult speak...


how valuable is that?


to a parent who actually cares, as much as they ask...

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i think its a great time. colleges have been adding at a decent clip. and the freco scene is awesome right now.


my comments on flo and track were a bit negative... they are seeking to make money off the people they claim to support. Is this wrong? no. and several have put up examples of their usefulness to us as a group.


but the attitude that only D1 matters is similar. there is so much more to wrestling than just the top stage.

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If i could buy into Flo, or track, and know i get a seamless experience, I am in. But this has not been the case.

It has been a long time since I had a technical problem watching a live event on Flo. I mainly watch college and senior level stuff, so I can't comment on the high school events, but it seems to work every time for me these days.


Spend your money how you want, but if reliability is what's been keeping you from Flo, I would give it another shot.

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this is a cute post... 


i'm using track right now to go back and watch my kids matches right at this minute from vegas on... i could go back 5 years and watch matches if i wanted to...


i use floarena for the same...


anyone who offers an opportunity to watch high level wrestling across the country for those who are not able to attend the events personally will get my dollar at any time...


if you actually love wrestling and want to watch the highest level this country has to offer at all levels, then you will pony up the paltry sum they ask for in return...


a fukn POS cup of coffee from starbucks will cost you more...


quit bitchi'n and start supporting

A cup of coffee from Starbucks will run me $19.99 (price of a single tournament)?  Honestly, that's shocking.  No wonder people hate Starbucks.  

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Here is a crazy idea, buy things such as:

FloPro account

JB's NCAA Guide

Trackcast subscriptions to events

Pay for entry into local tournaments instead of trying to find the back door

Buy magazine subscriptions or other website subscriptions


Most of the time the money you spend on wrestling will be reinvested back into the sport. Too many people want to get everything for free in this sport and it will never grow without people investing into the products that are out there.


Lastly call out those people who are live streaming Final X on Facebook for stealing from the sport. Take time to invest real money and good things will happen.

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