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Taha Akgül is Coming to Train with Snyder for Worlds. Thoughts?

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This is way more common than you guys think.  Foreign teams come in and train all the time.  Guys train together to get different looks, see what they can do against bigger/smaller guys, learn some things, and just to get more motivation to train.  I know when I knew a foreign team was coming in January, I was training my ass off over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I cant count how many hundreds of times I wrestled with foreigners and my teammates did.  No one cared.  I always had a house with an extra room and any guys knew if they wanted to come train, they could come stay free of charge and they always took me up on it.


People are asking how it gets paid for.  Usually the NGB of that country will pay for the guys to come out and stay.  If its a one off and it isnt officially approved and scheduled by the NGB, which happens often (and they dont care at all), then they dudes club or he will just pay for it.  When that happens, usually whoever they are paying with will set them up with a place to stay and transportation.


Its very easy to do.  Logistically, it was easier for 2-3 guys from Japan to come out and train for 3 weeks than it was to get my Aunt out to San Diego from New Jersey.

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Remember that Dave Shultz would go most anywhere and wrestle with anyone to learn more and become better.


Good to see Kyle Snyder working hard to improve his game while he is still able to do so. Hope he gets a better mat game going so he can dominate the competition.


His training with Akgul should help them both. Him with technique against a stronger opponent and the bigger, stronger opponent getting more work in with a faster training partner who is damn good. The old "steel sharpens steel" argument.

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