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The Art and Science of Young Freshman Redshirts

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Amigos the Voice of Wrestling was doing some ciphering after a long talk with one of the Hawks in the Know over some Captain and Cokes at the Club Car thinking on this Stollhouse situation so hard my head hurts debating all them things and I put pen to paper and thought about it and did some ciphering and finally it come to me gents spend a full skolly on a reel goer what can wrestle and then dont redshirt him gents keep that redshirt in your pocket if you need it.


Some of you gents what aint reel good at math chinese or not are gonna need to lean in reel close and concentrate here but hears the nuts and bolts Mudflap dint get loaded up with coin by being a dummy hears the scoop you got yourself a young freshman at some school lets just say for the sake of argument Iowa and hes strong and got some fight in him and hes gonna get you 70 team pts at Nattys in his hole entire career now gents thats a touch over 17 a year so then that skolly costs you say 50 grand or 200 grand for 4 years or 250 grand for 5 years so you figure its gonna cost you 2800 a pt if hes there 4 years or 3500 a pt if hes there for 5 years.


Now Ill be honest with you gents the Voice of Wrestlings taking some reel hard looks at that Hawk lineup and the way I see it next year if you got Stollhouse there taking up space and Cass there as a young freshman thats two skollies and lets just say for the sake of argument you get 20 pts outa Stollhouse thats costing you $5k a pt now if you put Stollhouse on unable to perform medical shirt and throw Cass out there and take that skollie and give it to a 184 transfer what can wrestle then you got yourself say 24 pts for at $100k and your down to $2400 a pt plus you got more points gents I aint much on patting myself on the back Im a humble man we all know that but you cant argue with the figures.


Now I aint debating nothing about Stollhouse and whatnot less I get throwed off again but hombres this is about getting it done now Tommy hit the road get yourself a reel good transfer send Wilkie up to Wartburg Tommy  go get yourself a title instead of standing in the wings crying like a little ***** and talking about wait for next year do that enough and your gonna be up to OSU and them big givers dont throw them $$$ around for 4th and a hole lotta promises. 

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Maybe next you can get us the dollar figures per point for Penn State the past few Titles?


Iowa won't be able to fully challenge for at least another season and by then Brands will find a way to screw it up. He has moved from "First or nothing" to "we'll go for Third and take what comes". Maybe they get going and make it to the runner up spot this season. If so - they will be happy. Gable would be tearing mats with his Teeth with a second place team! Iowa now seems to expect it.


John Smith somehow doesn't get Oklahoma State in a winning state of mind either. Sure hope that changes.

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