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I don't understand why he'd take a light heavy fight unless it was a big money matchup.  Otherwise why bother taking fights with a big weight cut in a division you cleaned out.  


The idea Romero beats him is absurd.  Romero just lost consecutive fights to a 185 lb man who isn't the P4P equal of Cormier.  Romero just doesn't fight to win rounds so he will lose to anyone who does.  Cormier will win rounds against him even if Romero does more 'damge'.  But either way it's a pointless fight and one Romero doesn't deserve.  


Cormier will fight Brock and then a farewell fight at heavy.  Maybe Jones if he's available, if not someone who is a name and can sell a fight.  Either way I bet Cormier never weighs 205 lbs again in his life.  He was 246 lbs for last week's win.

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