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Zaddick out at Iowa State

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Did I read somewhere that there was a physical altercation?   Maybe not and I can't find it now but even this;  “As I now understand, the expression of my beliefs is the genesis of the alleged conflict that led to my premature departure.” amkes me feel like maybe something happened that was hard to ignore?

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Some legal wisdom for the masses:

1. If Zadick does not have an employment contract, he can be fired at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all (other than for race, gender, age, or religion). This "right to work" stuff has to do with unions and is inapplicable.

2. Employment contracts are common in the world of higher ed., so he may have one. If that's the case, the terms of that contract could give him additional job protection.

3. He may be entitled to severance, either thru his contract or university policy. Those policies typically provide for salary continuation if he's let go for reasons other than "cause."

4. He could also be entitled to unemployment if he's let go for reasons other than "cause."

5. I don't know the circumstances of Zadick's departure, but, hypothetically, if one coach punches another coach in the nose, it's unquestionably "cause" for termination.

6. It's a common practice to pay someone severance, even when they're let go for cause, in exchange for a promise not to sue and not disparage the employer.

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