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Wrestling for Life

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Some of you may have heard of WFL.  It is an organization dedicated to providing wrestling shoes to middle schools throughout the country, trying to make sure that anyone who wants to begin wrestling can be properly equipped.  Having shoes allows the schools to stretch funding, and those kids who otherwise couldn't afford shoes to have the opportunity to wrestle. 


Of course, shoes cost money, so we are looking for donations to support the cause.  One way to make giving fun is to make it a bit of a contest, which allows you to base a donation on the success of our USA wrestlers.  So here goes;


Openly pledge (or silently) to donate to Wrestling for Life for medals earned by USA wrestlers in the Junior World Championships, beginning September 17th. Remember, each $30 buys a new pair of shoes that will be donated to middle schools across the country. Have some fun, give yourself a reason to keep up with the wrestling, and help a great cause! Then, if you are feeling lucky, post your receipt on this thread, and one lucky winner will get something good. Don’t know what yet, though-but I am sure it will be wrestling related clear.png

Here is my pledge;

$10 for a USA Gold Medal, $7 for a USA Silver Medal, $4 for a USA Bronze medal for all 3 styles.

A perfect tourney by the US would let Jim buy 30 pairs of shoes with my money! In the immortal words of someone else, MATCH ME!  Pledges can be any amount, and I guarantee that a coach gives a kid that has been wrestling in tattered hand me downs the smile on his face is worth the effort!


If you just want to donate to a great cause (WFL is a 501©3 organization, so your donation is deductible, the link is below.





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