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Hawk Talk with Mudflap

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Amigos been out tossing down a few with some Hawks in the know and stopping around the room and pouring some truth serum down some gullets of some of whom what knows and thinks they knows and I got the reel dealio but first any of you gents any of you whats seen my old best hand Wallace around drop me a line we got some catching up to do if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean.


I been lobbying Tommy to get divorced from Stollhouse throw Cass out there and save the heartburn but gents Stollhouse is hanging around and it appears hes gonna throw him out there the 1st of the year whats Iowa wrestling without some implausible half baked story about some gent what aint eligible or might be or is gonna get his **** together with the help of Jesus or whatnot we got another Downey story gents Turks wrapped up in this mystery hes a longshot gents a bit off target if you can read in between the lines some of you gents whats got a few brain cells left is gonna figure that hint out you dont gotta be Inspector Clueso to get that one.


Otherwise friends its typical Tommy overworking them guys so they could win a title first of the year ands burnt out come tourney time normal stuff hombres Im gonna be onto it big time this year getting my own blog so you guys can tune in and get the full and complete and uncensored story of the life and times of the Voice of Wrestling Im rolling in dough had my biggest year gonna take the stabbin cabin and go all around the country watching the worlds oldest and gratest sport and being a regular sporting gent man of the world.

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