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Anybody have a legend Ref story or Video?

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My HS coach is a PA Hall of Famer. He was reffing a meet in Delaware and asked me and a few other wrestlers to go with him. Some suburban rich kid school was hammering Wilmington HS -- every match a blowout. At about 145, suddenly the Wilmington kid had the rich kid on his back! Rich kid starts bridging and moving. My coach is on the mat looking for the pin. Rich kid bridges and moves, bridges and moves, with my coach going right along with him. My coach calls the pin. The wrestlers are at least 10 feet off of the mat. If they bridged and moved much more, he would have called the pin in the parking lot. As a group of 10th graders, all of us kids who came with the coach were extremely embarrassed. The Wilmington coach wasn't going to complain. And I guess the rich kid's coach felt that he was shellacking the team bad enough, it would look tacky to complain. So my coach didn't even realize what he had done until we told him on the way home.


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