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Wrestling technique in MMA

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I don't know much about MMA, but my husband was making some noise over some MMA highlights the other day, so I was sort of looking over his shoulder.  In one of the highlights, a guy was shooting low singles, evading strikes with double-leg takedowns and throwing in boots on top. Immediately, I was like, "OK, that guy has eo be a former wrestler" and it turns out it was Logan Storley. I didn't even recognize him. 


Darrion Caldwell was also in the video with a pretty nice kick to a takedown, though I would never have recognized him either.



Anyway, it's kind of fun to see former college wrestlers incorporating wrestling technique into their offense. I'm sill in awe of Logan Storley's takedowns - they were so slick!


Sorry if this shouldn't belong on the college wrestling board.

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