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NWCA All Star Classic

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13 hours ago, pish6969 said:

To the INSIDE TRIP boys who brought up this thread in their podcast today (which I love by the way)


NO one ever said Mark Hall would have won NCAA if he was seeded 1st..lie


The reason Zahid was ranked 1st going into season was because of All Star result-fact.


Since he went wire to wire ranked 1st in every poll it influenced coaches rank which is part of seeding..fact


It absolutely matters if there are 3 top guys at a weight since the guy who gets #1 gets easier road to final-fact


It didn’t matter in the Hall/Valencia situation because they were the clear 1 and 2 and it didn’t matter who was 3..fact


Penn State didn’t send their guys and they are the premier team with the best wrestlers-fact.


It was the weakest card ever-fact


You say returning champ means nothing but when doing rankings the returning champs are ranked 1st coming into new year-fact (unless in certain situations a returning champ goes down or up into a weight and there are 2 champs and the returning champ at the weight may not be 1)—fact


If a guy is ranked #1 preseason and doesn’t lose he will be ranked first in coaches poll—fact (unless he doesn’t meet minimum match requirements)


So please tell this uneducated fan where I am wrong?



I don’t have a podcast so this is my only way to get my uneducated side across


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On 10/24/2018 at 11:18 PM, gobraves101905 said:

So Hall lost in the NCAA finals because he was seeded 2nd? If only he was the #1 seed he wouldn't have been taken down 3 times.

I feel like you read almost none of what I wrote.  I specifically clarified this point in my post.  

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Phish, you use fact a lot, but few of those are facts with corroborating evidence. Your facts are likely but until a coach says I ranked ZV ahead of MH because he beat him in the All Star it is just speculation.
I agree with your points for the most part, but I can't say they are facts.

I did hear that from one D1 head coach. Old friend from high school who I ran into recently and asked that very question. I was told he looked at all the ranking services and since everyone had Zahid ranked 1st and Mark 2nd it was easy choice. Obviously my follow up was if Mark was ranked first he would’ve ranked him 1st and he said yes.

So I cannot speak for every coach. I did hear it from 1. I’m sure the insiders like Jason Bryant, Willie, etc can confirm that the coaches use the rankings when they do their coaches polls. I’m sure when it gets below top few guys it becomes subjective and they do what they want.

Believe what you want

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