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World Championships 2018 - Discussion Thread - Day 1

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At least Russia lost at hvwt too. We need more points than them here. A china win in the semis is key.

If Burroughs can win this quarter final, we will be in a good place though.

Both Russia and the US are 9-1 today so far. Going in to the semis one will be 10-1, one will be 9-2. Either record is super impressive. 

Russia has a slight advantage in remaining hammers (excluding today's competitors) so we need to end today with a lead. If we don't, all is not lost, but we will need to pull off a couple of upsets to win it all. Still a ton of wrestling to go though.

DT vs Russia in the semis is a cirtical one too

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It's infuriating because he can score whenever the hell he wants and just doesn't.


EDIT: let me rephrase...he can score so much early on to not let these matches be so close. 

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