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World Championships 2018 - Discussion Thread - Day 1

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3 minutes ago, krazzy said:

I'll never get married and have kids so the naming nonsense will never be something I care about. I'm 48 I'm not going to marry some cougar. 

Even if I could I wouldn't marry a 27 year old. Marriage is a prison. I would never be caught in that choke hold, no pun.  

Ya okay bud

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On 10/19/2018 at 10:45 AM, freestyle_fan said:

Nice Analysis..

Based on the draw, here are my picks for Gold.

* 61kg  - Finals Bonnie vs Rashidov - I am picking Bonnie here :-). Few other things to note 

  • Colon has a good chance for Bronze. I doubt if he can get past Bonnie if he meets in Semis thus settle to Bronze
  • Note that Erdenbat (MGL) is not in the draw.    Note: my bad, for a while i thought he is of 61kg, but actually he is for 57kg



* 74kg -  Finals  Chamizo vs S. Demirtas. Chamizo Gold

  • Interesting to see Ganzorig Mandhkaran (MGL) in 74kg and also bottom half.  He has a good chance to win Bronze
  • JB and Sidakov will meet in quarters. Very interesting to see how Sidakov performs against JB. I am picking Sidakov here


* 86kg - one hell of a draw in bottom half, I think Yazdani would emerge out of this beating Kurugliev in Semis. From top half, i think B.Makoev (SVK) will reach Finals. Yazdani Gold.

  • I.VEREB (HUN) good chance for Bronze.
  • DT wins Bronze


* 86kg - Again, one hell of a draw in bottom half, i think Taha Akgul will come out and enter into Finals.  From top half, Gwiz will make into finals. Taha Gold, Gwiz Silver.

  • Geno Bronze  from bottom half.
  • MGL Bronze from top half



Best Case Scenario:

Russia: 61kg - Gold, 74kg - Gold, 86kg - Bronze, 125kg - Bronze

USA: 61kg - Bronze, 74kg - Bronze, 86kg - Gold, 125kg - Silver


Worst Case Scenario:

Russia: 61kg - Silver, 74kg - Bronze, 86kg - No Medal, 125kg - No Medal

USA: 61kg - No Medal, 74kg - No Medal, 86kg - Bronze, 125kg - Bronze


I thought would do a quick check on analysis vs actual  for Day-1

Actual results aligned (75%)  with USA Best Case and Russia Worst Case predictions

USA Best Case Scenario - 3 weight aligned (61, 74, 86) and 1 weight (125) off

Russia Worst Case Scenario - 3 weight aligned (61, 86, 125) and 1 weight (74) off

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