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Day 2 Thread

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7 minutes ago, Cradle1 said:

Key for Dake against the Russian will be getting the first takedown.  I feel like once he gets a lead he's so much more formidable than coming from behind.

Gilman is so reliable and impossible to score on that he's become boring.  Not a knock on his style, I just always know he's gonna win once he gets the lead.  It's crazy, in the decade since Cejudo and Abas retired we're trotted out about a half dozen guys over the years, none of who experienced much success. Along comes Gilman and makes world competition look easy. 

Its even more shocking that it is Gilman.

Gilman is solid and won a junior world bronze, but he came very close to not even qualifying for trials in 2017. Then he has a few close matches, including one vs NATO he won in the last couple of seconds, to even make the trials finals. Then he wins a world silver!

Everyone, myself included, figured by this year we would have either Fix or Lee as our rep. Definitely by next year. The wake Gilman is wrestling, I think Lee and Fix have a chance, but only because they are so incredible. Gilman could very well hold the spot through 2024 and it wouldn't be the most shocking thing in the world (I'm not predicting that). NOBODY had Gilman on that level, besides maybe Gilman. Really incredible.

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1 hour ago, Housebuye said:

I wonder why they’re starting at 11:45 est today, but 10:45 every other day? It kinda makes me nervous that it’s a mistake, but that’s what I am seeing everywhere too.

edit... right after I posted I realized they have the opening ceremony at 10:45! My bad!

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1 minute ago, The Genius said:

draw for 97kg is out, sadaluev is on a stacked side with goleij and ibragimov, but good that snyder and sadaluev are not in the same bracket and can meet in the final 

Phew. I think it would have been a disservice to everyone had they met anywhere else. As already discussed, I’m all for seeding in theory, but it’s often poorly implemented in practice. 

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