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Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin

Rus Greco beats FS!

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2 minutes ago, Coach_J said:

Big congratulations--what domination.  I guess if we had to make a critique it would concern the Russian women's team, but you can't rule every style.  Well, at least I hope not--give the dang rest a world a chance in something!

womens wrestling very bad here last 2 years :c 

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True but by only one point. Russia only had 1 silver and 2 bronze and 2 5th place. 

The point system is flawed. Turkey had two golds and 2 bronz, and came in second?

According to the point system 5th place is valued more than gold. It''s a really messed up scoring system and should be overhauled.

Armenia had 2 golds and came in 5th. Ridiculous. 

Oh and Iran didn't have 1 gold or 1 silver only 3 bronze and came in 2nd tied with Turkey, what a joke




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