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Penn State Media Day just ended

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A few notable notes:

125 is not settled. Devin Schnupp will start vs. Kent St. They have some time to figure this weight out during the year.

133 is RBY, 141 Nick Lee

149 is Jared Verkleeren for Kent St. Brady Berge is on a descent plan so won't see him at 149 until Keystone of the dual thereafter. Speculation is we could (or not) see him at 157 at Bearcat Open

157 Nolf, 165 Cenzo, 174 Hall, 184 Rasheed, 197 Bo Nickal

Hwt Cassar will go against Kent St. Nevills will be at Keystone. Two great options at Hwt. 

I will post some articles from Media Day when I find them. 

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2 hours ago, buckshot1969 said:

Classy move by Cael to let Schnupp wrestle right away. Hopefully he's grown a little bit since last year and can pick up a couple wins.

It is the only logical move. They have to decide if Teske or Teasdale will be the starter when it matters. 

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I am excited to see Cassar at HWT.  I think Nevills will be the guy but I'm just interested to see just how big Cassar is and just how well he moves at HWT.  


Schnupp is interesting but I'm not all that surprised.  This is something Cael has done in the past with Nick Lee and Mark Hall.  If history is any indication one of Teske or Teasdale will be the guy after the Scuffle.  I think it will depend on what weight Teasdale and Busiello will slot in at.  If either of those guys is going to go 125lbs while at PSU I see no reason to RS both Teske and Teasdale this year.  There would be plenty of talent that would need spread out for the weight.

However the message board rumor mills and speculation are that Busiello could easily outgrown 125lbs by the time he gets to PSU and that Teasdale is already having to cut to get there and probably won't be able to stay there after this year.

Who knows, though.  Message board warriors are wrong far more than any of us are right.

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