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Takuto Otoguro

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2 hours ago, Shiraz123 said:

Maybe 57 was just his weight? A year before he was at 61 juniors and did not place (destroyed by Rashidov first round who then lost his next match). Went to 57 for the lead up to Rio and I believe he did not lose a match until the controversial Olympic final with Khinch. Never wrestled at 57 again after Rio.

Yep.  I'm not sure if he didn't think he could have beaten Takahashi or if he just wanted to move up.

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4 hours ago, Shiraz123 said:

I'm guessing he beat Takahashi at some point to make the Olympic team. Takahashi was the on the team for Japan in 14 and 15 worlds but did not medal. 

I was wondering about that and looking for any matches between the two because that would be pretty logical, but I couldn't find any.

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