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Yawn...another 0-5 Greco day. EDIT: 0-12 tournament

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Well I have no idea about the state of our Greco program, in terms are we better now than we were 20 years ago. I know that Greco has always been kind of a second fiddle to Freestyle here in the USA, but I know that we have always managed to produce some studs that have managed to win medals and Championships. I know that some people are disappointed in our recent showings, and I am one of those that hoped that we might have done a little better. But as a fan I think that Coach Lindland has had some success as our head coach, and hopefully he can get our team to turn the corner and we can have multiple medalists, and maybe even a Champ. 

But it also may be that the World is getting better as well, and that I suspect that some countries basically focusing on Greco, so some of this may have an impact as well. 

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