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Fix vs Gross/Lizak this weekend

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1 minute ago, HokieFan said:

Wrestlers are punished for being injured all the time. Case in point, the OK St Hwt today.  His finger was pointing sideways so that obviously wasn't a lung timeout.  But his opponent still got choice when the match resumed.  In that particular case, it didn't turn out to matter, but you get the point.

That rule seems to be a response to wrestlers taking advantage of that situation.  What's wrong with making a rule to keep them from taking advantage of another one.

Because injury timeouts address issues from an individual wrestler with a penalty for that same wrestler.  

Coaches holding kids out of team events need team consequences.  Make duals matter and guys won't miss them.  Or decide duals don't matter and accept guys missing them.  Those are the fair options.  Arbitrary seeding adjustments for guys not in the lineup don't address the problem.  

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"A theory that rejects the standard explanation for an event" - Yup, I'm still okay with using it here. The conversation is done here - no need to beat the dead horse...or insert another entity in case you are sensitive to figures of speech that are not intended to be literal. 

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