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Foxcatcher Movie

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On 11/22/2018 at 7:25 AM, Billyhoyle said:

Movies that are "based off of a true story" do not need to follow that story exactly.  They use aspects of the true event for the purpose of telling the director's story. I believe the movie was inspired/based off of Mark Schultz's book, which is why it focused on him, and the majority of events depicted in the movie were based on real events. I agree that the story could have been told better, but it really wasn't as bad as what you are saying.  There was very outstanding acting in it (especially Mark Ruffalo).  Channing Tatum was an exception, but he isn't exactly a great actor..so what can you really expect. I don't think his performance was terrible either.  Overall I thought it was one of the better movies that year.  

I don't agree that it made wrestlers look terrible.  It depicted the situation at the time for those athletes, which was people chasing a dream with essentially no financial support.  The lengths to which they had to go (appeasing a crazy millionaire) to train were not fake and made for a good story. 

There were some really interesting aspects of the movie including:

1.  DuPont as a character: his relationship with his mother-the strangeness of these very rich almost aristocratic families who sponsor athletes as hobbies and then collect the trophies.  Just think about the strangeness of having these wrestlers/families of wrestling living on this guy's property....And of course his descent into madness. Carrel did an excellent job. 

2.  Mark Schultz being in the "shadow" of his brother.  Despite having more success (at NCAAs on the world level, etc), the movie depicts the challenges of having an ultra successful older sibling and the rivalry that can arise from that. Then Dupont comes along...But even with the rivalry, the love between Mark/Dave is clear.  

3. The power/influence of money/wealth. How it makes people do things that seem irrational to those outside the situation.  How people turn a blind eye to this irrational behavior. 

In terms of the physical relationship thing....Be honest with yoruself...Why did Dupont want these wrestlers around him?  Why did he want to train with them?  Are we really going to kid ourselves with this?  The movie doesn't imply that he and Mark had a relationship, but rather that Dupont preyed on him/the other wrestlers.  Seems very similar to the Ohio State scandal/investigation. Given the revelations there, that aspect of the movie is clearly important.  People in power abuse those without it, and that includes sexually.  

I also disagree completely that it makes Mark Schultz look bad. I think it makes him look human, which he is.  He's not depicted as a marvel superhero, and he's not depicted as a villain. He has flaws like everyone else and has lived and continues to live a very interesting life (with absolutely incredible moments and absolutely heartbreaking moments). In terms of his reaction to the movie-at times he has said he loves it and at times he has said he hates it-a very normal response to seeing the best and worst moments of your life play out on screen.  

Claas Relotius gives a "thumbs up."


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On 12/2/2018 at 4:42 PM, Coach_J said:

The whole Villanova backstory with Metzger should have been enough to make everyone in the wrestling community cut and run from this guy.  But the money...

Having coached with Andre in north TX and hearing the various stories and his personal situation first hand, the goings-ons in “Foxcatcher” seem like child’s play by comparison...

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 John Dupont was delusional; in the movie where he celebrates Mark's gold medal in his trophy room, you see him taking guys down where no defense is ever attempted. He simply believed he was a good/great wrestler. He started the Veterans World Championships in Venezuela in 1992. No one knew about it and he won, unopposed. (J Corso and Cozart were there) The next year in Toronto, at the 2nd World Veterans Tournament, his opponent, was some Eastern European who had clearly been paid off to lose, but Dupont was so pitiful he fell behind (the guy was wrestling Dupont like he was a 3 yr old kid, very gently). Finally, the guy started just falling down at the mere touch of Dupont's ties, but in the process, Dupont had his wrist broken; it was a comical farce (I actually videoed it but can't find the footage). To further validate his state of delusion, Rob Koll told me a couple years ago at the Scuffle, when he was training at Foxcatcher, an NCAA former champion walked into the room to work out, and Dupont leans over to Koll and says "I can beat that guy".


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