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Iowa vs. Purdue (BTN) - 1 PM today

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3 hours ago, TBar1977 said:


Warner probably still has jetlag from the long flight home from europe 9 weeks ago.

Jetlag reportedly wears off with cloning and reincarnation.   Might be the long term strategy.   Warner will be ready in  the 2140-2141 season . . . when college guys wrestle Robo-sapiens and teams from Dagestan.

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18 hours ago, dmm53 said:

Brands going in part with the backups ("JV squad").  Still no Stoll, Kemmerer or Warner.   No Lugo or Lee today either. 

If Iowa can win a match using backups that is what they should do early in the season.  It helps keep away some of the dings everyone receives during the season and also allows the body and mind to stay fresh with not having to make weight all the time.  Let's not forget that it will also allow the backups to receive some much needed experience which in the long run will help the Hawkeyes.  

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