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All-Native State NCAA Team!

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20 hours ago, KSchlosser said:

Charlie and I have a lot of the same pics for Ohio but they almost have to be in a down year for the Buckeye state. Below is my stab at a two-deep All Ohio Team. I only bumped up for one weight with Jordan going back up to 157 and I added some depth from DII and DI reserves and redshirts.

125 Drew Mattin (uM)

  • Aaron Assad (uM) - Shakur Laney (OHIO) 

133 Tariq Wilson (NCST)

  • Armando Torres (CSU) - Tim Rooney (KSU)

141 Dom Demas (OK)

  • Evan Cheek (CSU) - Jose Rodriguez (NDC)

149 Matthew Kolodwzik (Princeton)

  • Micah Jordan (tOSU)

157 Micah Jordan (tOSU)

  • Taleb Rahmani (Pitt) 

165 Alex Marinelli (Iowa)

  • Kaleb Romero (tOSU)

174 Ethan Smith (tOSU)

  • Rocky Jordan (tOSU) - Joe Terry (Ohio)

184 Andrew McNally (KSU) 

  • Hayden Bronne (TIFF)

197 Kollin Moore (tOSU)

  • Conel (KSU) is ranked higher and beat Moore head to head twice but I don't trust his injuries
  • A healthy Ben Darmstandt from Cornell would make this Ohio's deepest AA weight

285 Billy Miller (Edinboro) 

  • Cameron Teacher (NDC)

Unless I am overlooking someone, going to be a tough time in Pittsburgh for St Eds

Is Ethan Smith from Ohio? I know he was at Latrobe, PA then moved to MD.

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You are my huckleberry Erminio. Mr Terry welcome to the big leagues as I try to preserve Jordan's redshirt. 

As i said earlier tough year in Ohio to fill the entire lineup, filled with the automatics then started filling holes. Seems like half of the Ohio college D1 starters are out of state kids across tOSU, CSU, KSU, and Ohio or unproven talent hence DII and reserves. Really miss that automatic kid from St Edward. 

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On 12/4/2018 at 11:44 AM, 1032004 said:

NJ looks to have a pretty strong team:

125: #2 Sebastian Rivera

133: #2 Nick Suriano

141: #2 Joey McKenna

149: #2 Anthony Ashnault

157: #17 John Van Brill

165: #9 Mekhi Lewis

174: #6 Jordan Kutler

184: #1 Myles Martin

197: ?? Do also have Nick Gravina #15 at 184

285: #2 Anthony Cassar


Hopefully a few of those #2's finish #1 (all of which should have a shot other than Rivera)...

Maybe they all have a shot...

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