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Final Thoughts AWL

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Don’t do too many PPV buys in too many other sports, do they? UFC main events usually don’t even start until around midnight Eastern. This was an 9-8-7-6 start time. MLB games in Central Time Zone mostly start at 8:05, so that 9th inning for East Coast Cubs fans never seems to be a problem, neither does the final two minutes for NBA fans.

You have often pointed out people you know who end up not buying, or are turned off by something that’s more minutiae than actually a rationale. Do you live in a Senior Living facility? A sporting event on a Saturday night ending at 11 pm eastern is too late?

Newspapers even had time (should they have needed it) to put this in their papers on the East Coast.

Ending time of the AWL was clearly not an issue.

1 is a hunter who was getting up very early Saturday.

1 is 70ish who doesn’t stay up passed 11.

The other is a regular PPV purchaser of MMA, etc.. Had something going on with one of his kids early Sat AM.

The 11PM+ end time was an issue for them. It was a big enough issue that it was the difference in a purchasing decision.

At least the streaming was decent for a change. Still think the P is too low in the P*Q equation. They are leaving money on the table.

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7 hours ago, JasonBryant said:

....Wondering if it’s just the same three people with different reasons each time.

Pretty much.  They are all rich, retired executives from Delta Airlines.  They asked me to tell you hello.

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