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Minnesota hosts Iowa - Jan 13

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Well, with the Hawkeyes just barely scrapping by against Iowa St., I have to think that this dual is probably going to be a lot tougher and a lot closer than we realize. Especially if the Golden Gophs can get an upset win, and maybe win a few with bonus points. 

I expect Lee ( if healthy ), with probably win going away. Probably a tech, at the very least. 

Lizak, who knows, if he is able to ride DeSanto, it might turn into a situation where DeSanto ends up looking up at the lights. 

McKee has seems to be on a roll, I think it's going to be a tough night for Murin, I would think that McKee will win by 8. 

Lugo, does not seem to be firing on all cylinders at the moment, maybe that will change come match day, but right now I am not sure that Lugo wins. We could very well see Thorn getting his hand raised. 

Young, a new guy just starting in his role, but seems pretty good, but so is Bleise, so this could be a coin toss. I can't point to anything but my gut is telling me that Young gets the decision. 

Marinelli, I expect wins comfortably, but I guess the question is, by how much. 

Bowman, vs Skatzka, right now I have this as a toss up. Maybe I will feel different closer to the day of the match. My concern is, will Bowman be the same guy at this lower weight. 

Wilcke, should win, but who knows. Webster could keep it close, and win in the waining moments. 

Warner, should win over Krone, but Warner, like Young is just starting out in his role as Iowa's lead guy, and Krone is seasoned and pretty darn good in his own right so, it's not 100% that Warner wins, maybe 75%. Or maybe Krone pulls it out in front of the home crowd. 

Stoll vs Steveson, this is the match I would like to see, but unfortunately I have the feeling that it might not happen. But if it does, I think Steveson has the speed, and the moves, while Stoll is a huge monolith of a man. So it will be interesting, but I have to think Steveson  finds a way to score. 

So maybe Iowa wins by four or five points, but like I said earlier, throw in an upset, or maybe a couple of big bonus point wins for Minny, and if Stoll does not wrestle, Gable could have a very realistic shot at getting a fall, against Costello, and before you know it, this could be one of those duals that is decided by a single point, or criteria. I think this is going to be a very competitive dual, I am very much looking forward to it. 

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7 hours ago, VakAttack said:

I actually think Desanto is a bad match up for Lizak.  Lizak is a known gasser, and Desanto has look good on bottom so far this year.  Of course, Izak is a different animal on top.  If I'm Iowa, I want choice in the second and I'm choosing neutral and just hammering on Lizak's head.

125:  Lee TECH

133:  Desanto DEC

141:  McKee DEC (lean Minny)

149:  Lugo DEC (toss up though)

157:  Young DEC (lean Iowa)

165:  Marinelli FALL

174:  Bowman DEC

184:  WIlcke DEC

197:  Warner MDEC

HW:  Steveson DEC

Wow, I have this more of a blow out than I thought.  Minny could easily turn 149 and 157 around, though


Lizak was a gasser when he was cutting a ton to get to 125. I'm not ready to call him a gasser at 133 until there are data points to support it. 

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