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Cameron Caffey (Michigan State)

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11 hours ago, cornercoach said:

....like Dragnet??.........

That was in the 1950’s and centered around a slightly different demographic than what I was going for.


Either a pretty good freshman and it sounds like he’s killing it in his computer engineering courses.  Nice find for the Spartans. 

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9 hours ago, PSUSMC said:

I was talking with a wrestler from MSU on Monday and he thinks Caffey is going to beat Rasheed (that wasn't him speaking for Caffey, just his thoughts on the Caffey v Rasheed match).

Not exactly breaking news. That is what teammates do. Especially if one of their own is on a run. 

Now, I am as optimistic as I can be and not nearly as high on Rasheed as most seem to be. But, Caffey has yet to wrestled a top 15 guy and Rasheed is very physical.  I just don't see it going very well for MSU. 

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