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Hair Cut

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On 12/26/2018 at 12:47 PM, RichB said:

Horrible quality video, I think I see something come off his head when he sweeps his hand over his hair, on like the tenth view. 

If you are going to video your kid, use a camera, not a flip phone.

Horrible quality probably because it's a recording of a laptop screen playing a video that was uploaded to Facebook.

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Couple interesting updates to this story, including some actions likely more racist than the initial incident allegedly was.


Even the NJSIAA seems to be confused about the rule:

Edit: not sure why it put everything in the quote box but now I can't get it out


Roy Dragon, a top New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association wrestling official and an executive council member of the New Jersey Wrestling Officials Association, sent an email to official chapter secretaries Monday with pictures attached that Dragon wrote required a legal hair cover.

The email and pictures, obtained by NJ Advance Media, showed an unidentified black person in one image with what appears to be short, braided or dreadlocked hair on the top of his head, with closely shaved sides. Dragon states in the email both types of hair needed a hair cover. 

But Elliott Hopkins, the director of sports, sanctioning and student services for the National Federation of State High School Associations, said the hair depicted in the photo would not require a legal hair covering. 

“The rule is based on length, not style,” Hopkins said. “Our rule is not a style rule. Our rule is a length rule.”


Also a new letter from Johnson's attorney which touches on a couple points.


1.  Regarding the hair cut incident, does confirm that the claim is that Maloney said length wasn't the issue (I know this had been mentioned before).  I'm still not sure I buy this though.  If that was the case, what does cutting it accomplish?   If this is true then maybe the ref is at fault - the letter does include photos supposedly of Johnson and his brother before the match which both appear to show them with acceptable hair length.   However I'm pretty sure the brother did wrestle in the match without issue, so I'm a little confused about that.

2.  References that for a match which was supposed to happen, the ref contacted the school a day before the match and said that Johnson would need to wear a hair cover...without even seeing him.  They then reference the above letter from Dragon and because the school felt they didn't get a clear interpretation of the hair rule, actually canceled the entire match.

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