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United World Wrestling revamps ranking/seeding system

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On 12/24/2018 at 6:33 PM, olddirty said:

Good change.  One gripe - I think they need to vary the continental championship values.  Winning the Oceana championships or African championships should not be worth double a 2nd place finish at Yarigin or Yasar Dogu

Agree from the standpoint of the level of competition, but you have to emphasize the continentals because 1) well their continental titles, but mostly to get the top athletes there. Remember the US team at Pan Ams last year. I think the selection process was “so, who feels up to going?”

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Looks like another step in the right direction. Thank you UWW.


Side note - according to the article, UWW is using the Yarygin as one of their ranking tournaments and they tout it as the "toughest wrestling tournament in the world". Wish they would keep it as the deepest and the toughest and not limit the Russian entries.

Just for fun, and if it was up to me, I'd have at least 4 Russian entries in each weight class and would separate them into different quarter brackets. If 4 Russians make it to the semis in any given weight class, so be it. Toughest tournament, right?

Another no-brainer would be to separate all teammates from same countries into opposite brackets so other countries get to wrestle the Russians and visa versa. Make it a true international and " the toughest" tournament.

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