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Best High School Team Ever?

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13 hours ago, Wrestlingbcpc said:

How inaccurate and uninformed.  To the contrary, Blair makes an upper echelon state (NJ) even better. Every year, many of Blair’s natiosnally ranked kids are from NJ. This year, they have 3 N.J. kids ranked in top 3 (Mastrogiovanni, Coliaco and Van Ness).  NJ is always near the top in producing college all Americans. In 2015,  NJ had 8 AA, 1 from Blair;Ok had 1.  In 2016, NJ had 6 Aa, 1 from Blair;oK had 2. In 2017, NJ had 5 AA, none from Blair; 4from OK and last year, NJ had 8 AA, 2 from Blair; OK had 4. In fact, most years, Blair is made up of a solid number of N.J. kids and NJ public schools are super tough. It’s so inaccurate to think N J would not be a top 4 in country without Blair. If anything, NJ is top 4 in country and that doesn’t even count the Blair kids who are from N.J.!!!!!!

Great points, Wrestlingbcpc. Currently, of Blair's 14 starters, 11 are NJ residents, including all three of their #1 ranked kids and 9 of their total 12 ranked ones. It is entirely possible that a team comprised of their NJ kids alone could beat all-star teams from every other state.

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On 1/3/2019 at 8:08 PM, Sstern said:

Public: Graham in the last 20 years; north Allegheny PA in the 80s.

Private: Walsh mid 90s

Lock Haven HS in 1961.  They had 4 PIAA champs, and 5 of their team placed 9 times at NCAA's.  Two of those Lock Haven teammates met in the NCAA consolation finals one year. They were pretty good.

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20 hours ago, LJB said:

with the ferraris heading to bergen, does blair belong on that all time list anymore?

Clearly, losing the #1 and #4 nationally ranked kids at 113 and 195 has to move this team from that consideration. Now their line up has a big hole at 195 ( although the 113 back up is currently ranked #8 by Intermat). So, perhaps the team's performance through their remaining schedule will give some indication of just how strong this group is.

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