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Rutgers @ Minnesota 3:15pm on B1G Network

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At least Gable is not purposely trying to injure people like DeSanto, but I don't recall seeing a whole lot worse in terms of repeated instances of unsportsmanlike conduct, such as what he did at 4:10

What was the call at 2:50?

6:45 I think could've been a stall call on Gable.  Obviously Gable was going for a lot of turns earlier and Colucci was stalling most of the match, but Gable was pretty much just laying on him there.


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2 hours ago, MNRodent said:

The Rutgers 197 was out of control after his stunning 1 pt victory.  He was pointing, yelling, and sticking his tongue out at people in the stands.  Gooddale finally told him to sit down.


I was told that is being "Jersey Tough."

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