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Ohio State Head Coach Tom Ryan, take a bow. Wow. Just wow.

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Tom is a very good speaker. Glad his clinic gave inspiration to Wilson.

Equally glad an anonymous donor funded the remainder of Wilson's scholarship at Elder. Seems the structure and the good people at Elder (and those before that) made a real positive impact on the youngster. 

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I lost my father at the end of my sophomore year in high school.  At the time, Tom Ryan was the head coach of Hofstra.  I regularly attended their matches.  Over the summer, going into my junior year I attended a tournament on Long Island by myself since my dad used to take me and coach me in the off-season.  Tom Ryan was doing a clinic with the help of the Hofstra wrestlers.  I had a brief conversation with Tom where I told him that I was at the tournament alone (he didn't know that my dad passed away).  He made sure I had a Hofstra wrestler in my corner for all of my matches.  It meant the world to me at the time and is still something I think about to this day when I watch Ohio State matches.  

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