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Tonight at 8ET in Flo

125: Alex Mackall (Iowa State) vs. #9 Brent Fleetwood (NDSU)

133: #9 Austin Gomez (Iowa State) vs. #19 Cam Sykora (NDSU)

141: #18 Ian Parker (Iowa State) vs. Taylor Nein (NDSU)

149: #11 Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) vs. Jaden Van Maanen (NDSU)

157: Chase Straw (Iowa State) vs. Nick Knutson (NDSU)

165: Logan Schumacher (Iowa State) vs. Andrew Fogarty (NDSU)

174: Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) vs. Lorenzo De La Riva (NDSU)

184: #17 Sammy Colbray (Iowa State) vs. Michael Otomo (NDSU)

197: #6 Willie Miklus (Iowa State) vs. Cordell Eaton (NDSU)

285: Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State) vs. Brandon Metz (NDSU)


Some interesting matches here, with only 2 mismatches. Should be a good dual. ISU is a slight favorite but it’s close enough that bonus points could decide it

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Just started, on Flo...

I know you can't ever implement it and it's not logical to make an exception, but I would be totally fine if you could never challenge locked hands.  It's such a cheap point anyway and it's the most abused for lungers.  I know, I know

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4 minutes ago, Gantry said:

ISU challenged the TD before it completed, and when they lost it they started neutral and lost the TD he earned.

Weird. Why would the eventual takedown be revoked? Since the call on the mat was upheld, shouldnt the match resume from there the ref stopped the action?

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