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Michigan vs Ohio State

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I am going to the Michigan Ohio State dual coming up here in a few weeks.

I was surprised when comparing lineups to how tight this one is gonna be, in fact Michigan may be favored in as many matches as the Bucks.

125 Michigan

133 Michigan

141 OSU

149 OSU (although Pantaleo has owned Micah)

157 OSU ( Do they pull Lewan’s shirt?)

165 Michigan

174 Michigan

184 Ohio State

197 Ohio State

HWT Michigan ( although Singletary did deck Parris earlier this season)

Thats splitting 5 matches to 5, and giving Micah the nod over Pantaleo.

Michigan is not a good matchup for Ohio State. This match should/will come down to bonus points.

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If Michigan decides to wrestle the best guy  in the room at every weight, they can challenge for that 2nd spot behind PSU.  However, a lot of that comes down to the Pantaleo to 149 project.  It didn't work out all to well at Midlands and then he wrestled 157 the following dual.  I was pretty surprised it was even tried.

Still, even this lineup could do some serious damage if everyone can be reasonably healthy in March:

125:  Mattin-Low AA potential, but more likely R12

133:  Micic-Likely top 4 in a very tough weight

141:  Storr-Has looked his best this season, but probably tops out around 6th.

149:  Amine-Scrappy, with a chip on his shoulder.  He is coming off a win over #11 Maruca so he does have fringe AA potential at a pretty weak weight after the top 6 or so.

157:  Pantaleo-IF, he can get back to his original form, he has a solid chance to finish top 6

165:  Massa-I don't know that he will ever get back to his freshman form.  Still, the current version projection is very similar to Storr's.

174:  Amine-I am admittedly very high on this guy.  He has 2 monsters above him, but I do think he is nipping at their heels and will get a win over one of them this season, hopefully in Mid March.

184:  Embree-He hasn't wrestled in over a month.  Has a ton of potential, but I don't know if he will have progressed enough to make an impact in March.

197:  Striggow-His wrestling results and projections are similar to Amine at 149.  He is scrappy and can keep it close with nearly any 197.  Still,  I wouldn't expect more than a 2-2 performance.

285:  Parris-Who knows.  He has talent for days and great attacks for a HWT.  Still, he has made obvious freshmen mistakes and will be susceptible to these all season.  If he can beat Dhesi, he can beat anyone, but I would put him more along the low AA spot for now.

So, I would say that gives them a solid chance to AA at 133,141,157,165,174 and 285, with Mattin having a slight chance at 125.  I don't know if they have enough high end points to take 2nd, but they could very well end up with the most AA's out of any school.

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Essentially, I have this going chalk, which is boring, I know. 

125) Mattin dec. Heinselman  3-0 U-M
133) Micic dec. Pletcher  6-0 U-M
141) McKenna dec. Storr  6-3 U-M
149) Jordan dec. Amine  6-6 U-M
157) Pantaleo dec. Hayes 9-6 U-M
165) Massa dec. Romero 12-6 U-M
174) Amine dec. Campbell  15-6 U-M
184) Martin maj. Embree  15-10 U-M
197) Moore maj. Striggow  15-14 U-M
285) Parris dec. Singletary  18-14 U-M

Swing matches 

157) 2018 Pantaleo handles Hayes with a comfortable decision.  Will he be close enough to that form in 2 weeks? Who knows.  
285) Parris is the better prospect, but he makes a lot of mistakes, and Singletary wrestles differently against more active heavyweights.  Maybe we'll see another 20+ point affair.  

So... that's about it.  If everyone is healthy, this is going to be an extremely exciting dual.  Home crowd could certainly play a factor in the swing matches.  




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Singletary just beat Parris

Panteleo might beat Hayes and I would confidently pick that in March, but Panteleo has looked pretty terrible recently. He had mono, so it makes sense, but for the dual this match is in question. Panteleo lost to guys worse than Hayes within the past two weeks (or at least one...the Sasso loss may have been totally reasonable).

125 Michigan 3-0

133 Michigan 6-0

141 tOSU 6-3 (last year I would've picked major, but Storr is a different man now)

149 tOSU major 6-7

157 Michigan 9-7

165 Michigan 12-7 (maybe major?)

174 Michigan major 16-7

184 tOSU tech 16-12 (Martin can tech Embree and the dual could be on the line here)

197 tOSU major 16-16

285 toss up...this dual can very reasonably come down to this match

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