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Desanto Team Point

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That was a definite spit on the mat and the M.  I get that the Brands aren't particular dignified, but how do they countenance this behavior in the Athletic Department?  In the offices of the Dean of Students?  The B1G?   It's really hard to understand.  They made Mayfield apologize for planting the flag at tOSU.  Spitting seems a bit more egregious.  

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7 hours ago, Paddleman said:

It's difficult to find anything about Desanto that is agreeable watching him wrestle.  He has all the appeal of a hyperbolic mole, the way he buries his face in his opponent and burrows into him. .  Does he even need eyes?  I wondered a bit about how Brands puts up with his unfortunate behavior.  Gosh, he just seems like such a hardass, and the sort of coach who might not like his wrestlers feigning (or actually doing it) spitting on the mat following a big victory. But then I remembered he was Gillman's coach, and realized ugly behavior didn't phase him in the least. 

Austin DeSanto AKA The Mole Man

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