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Who is college wrestling's top heel in 2019?

Who is college wrestling's top heel?   

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  1. 1. Who is college wrestling's top heel in 2019?

    • Gable Steveson
    • Anthony Ashnault
    • Nick Suriano
    • Bo Nickal
    • Austin DeSanto
    • Other

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On January 16, 2019 at 7:44 PM, krippler said:

Askren just made me laugh. At National Duals He pinned Herrington from Penn and celebrated I think with an alligator clap towards Zeke Jones. He then quickly pinned someone from OK St and galloped around the ring with his pretend horse and lasso looking at John Smith the whole time. Funniest thing I have ever seen in wrestling

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I would love to see a clip of that!

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Am I the only one conflicted by the title of the thread being different than the leading post? I mean, the Top Heel and My Favorite Heel are two very different subjects.  

So far, I'd say Desanto deserves the Top Heel for just being awful after a match, but Steveson is my Favorite for acting so confident about his idea that nobody wants to wrestle him. Desanto is on the level of Gilman - where I actually cheer against him because I don't think his antics are good for the sport, and I just want that whole idea to lose. With Steveson I don't cheer against him, but I'll probably be satisfied if/when he gets humbled. 


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I just watched the Desanto - Suriano match. I thought that the way Brands interjected himself right after the final whistle was unusual but generally positive. He knows his athlete better than any of us do - knows that the athlete has issues with irrational affective responses after intense matches. I appreciate that Brands took the team point on himself in order to protect both wrestlers. I still don't like that there's an added risk at the end of a Desanto match. Hopefully nobody gets hurt. 

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