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NCAA Ticket Tips for First-Timers

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As someone who has never been to NCAA's, I'm a bit fuzzy on how the general public acquires tickets. I'm sure we're all hearing about teams getting less tickets than they requested (I heard there were 24,000 requested this year with only roughly 18,000 seats in the arena,) which leads me to wonder how your average joe would go about getting tickets. From what I see at the moment, an all-sessions ticket is going for around $650+ online. It's my understanding that people are selling their tickets outside the arena for much cheaper the day of, but that seems a bit risky to me. I'm curious as to how someone (without getting their tickets through a team's allotment) would go about getting reasonably priced tickets. I'm aware there's probably an obvious answer, but as someone who's never been to the big show, I'm not sure how the whole thing works. Curious about any tips or tricks you veterans have picked up along the way. 

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there are a couple ways to score tickets.

  1. Purchase from Ticketmaster the Wednesday before next year's tournament.  These seats usually suck but it gets you in the arena at face value.  Never expect lower level...those are reserved for all of those who are more important than the average fan.
  2. Join the host school's (or other favorite school's) booster club and be prepared to donate your rear end off to even be considered for some of those premium seats.  10 year season ticket holder for the returning national champs? - don't expect anything good even if they consider you for some of their allotment.  If you are lucky, you may get a ticket but you're waiting until closer to tournament time without any guarantees.
  3. Stub Hub or any other secondary online rip-off market...good luck with that.  You'll get seats but you'll pay!
  4. Wait outside the arena or other area where wrestling fans congregate (ie the bars).  This is where you'll be most likely to score reasonable tickets.  Consider this...there's always someone who bought tickets and cant attend, a family that bought tickets to see Johny who did not qualify,  or someone with a buddy that committed to make the trip and backed out at the last minute.  They're likely all wrestling fans and just want to get their money back.  Give them fair and full price, buy the whole set and don't hesitate.  They'll eventually sell to the scalpers.
  5. Scalpers - the second most reliable.  They're always there.  Every day, every session.  But they're scalpers.  They're looking to make money.

my advice...just get in the arena.  There are always open seats if you don't like the one you got.  Wrestling fans love drinking at NCAAs as much as they like watching the wrestling.   Not everyone makes it to every session (especially the morning ones).

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